Mugs, Jugs, Baking Trays, Cutlery Or Fancy Plates: Get It All At This Store For Just INR 80


     Mahaveer Glass and Crockery sells exactly that with no frills and is great for those of you, just setting up and on a tight budget

    What Makes It Awesome

    Cheap crockery, glassware and kitchenware that’s easy on the eyes. To us, that makes it awesome. It’s not hard to spot the store with tables on either side of the entrance displaying all the pretty things they have in the small store. Not for those of you looking for anything high couture in the world of dinner, kitchen, and tableware, the first section has the billing counter, and cutlery, water bottles, casserole dishes, (basic) cutting boards and the like. 

    The second section has single mugs starting at INR 80, mason jars of all colours, textures, shapes and budgets (the cheapest at INR 85) whether you like it with lids and straws or not. Tall single glasses, stout beer mugs (500 ml and 1 litre) be it for novelty or to actually drink, jugs, clear coffee and tea pots (and plain ceramic ones) and all other individual components of tea sets are available in the next section. Bowls of all colours and sizes, right for single serve dips (whatever your dimensions of the single serve are), to ones for salads and dressings starting at INR 45 are available in different sections of the store. The end of the store is reserved for slightly fancy dinner and tea sets(in terms of brand), but most are basic and under INR 1,000. 

    Bakers and dessert makers can check them out for all their baking necessities right from cupcake and chocolate moulds to cheap whisks and ramekins for remarkably low prices. What excited us the most were the magnetic knife strips, tea infuser balls, and mortar and pestles for whatever needs to ground (or for those hermit in the woods feels) made of marble! As you can probably tell, the place filled with all the tools needed for all our culinary adventures right from the preparation to the eating!

    What Could Be Better

    There’s no real organisation in the store, and they have a lot more than what is on display, which isn’t something you’d know unless you’ve been there a few times.