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These Waterfalls In Coorg Are A Sight To Behold


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    Situated at the foothills of the Pushagiri Hills, Mallalli Falls lies amidst lush green forests and the clear waters of River Kumaradhara. It is a sight to behold!

    What Makes It Awesome

    The beautiful Mallalli Falls is located in the Coorg district of Karnataka. At the base of Pushpagiri hills is the Mallalli falls that originates from River Kumaradhara. Often spoken about with Abbey falls, the beauty of the falls is incomparable with other natural sights in Coorg. Taking a plunge of about 200 feet, the magnificent height of this waterfall is a sight to witness. There's a trail with 700 steps that will lead you to the falls for an easy hike. Or if you’re a shutterbug, capture some marvelous photos.

    Map your way to the falls, and you'll need to pay an entry fee of INR 10 (per head). You're likely to find a few kiosks selling snacks and short eats (we had Maggi and juice made from local oranges), and plenty of parking around. Open from 9am, walk down the stairs, that are marked by fences and railings (some to keep people within the path, and some to keep them out of danger). When you get to the falls, source, you’re bound to get wet with the drizzle -- enjoy the light breeze. There's not much else to do there, so take your year's worth of photos.

    We suggest visiting the falls during the monsoon months because they are seasonal and only gets full during the rainy season. We highly recommend that you don't go off trail, as it's slippery, dangerous, and there's no mobile reception in case of any trouble. Pay heed to the warnings of flash flooding as well, as the dam upstream is opened up during the monsoon.


    In case you plan to drive down to the waterfall, download the route, as there are many sections of the route that receive no mobile reception. While the road signs (and the road) is pretty straightforward, monsoons may have obliterated the road, so don't drive while it's dark. 

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