Meat Lovers! There’s A New BBQ Destination In Kalyan Nagar Just For You

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Experience the thrill of the grill at Kalyan Nagar’s latest barbecue destination – Meat Up! From wings to chops, this one promises to be a carnivore’s delight.

Easy Meat

BBQ is in the air at Kalyan Nagar as Meat Up opens its doors. Located opposite 7 Plates, Meat Up is small joint with a very busy grill. On the menu are grilled sausages {chicken}, Lamb Chops, Peri Peri Chicken, and Chicken done up in a lovely Honey BBQ Sauce. Prefer something fishy? Then, they’ll toss prawns or fish fillets on the coals for you. If you are planning to stop by with your friends, then, order up the Special BBQ Platter that comes with Chicken Wings, chunks of fish, BBQ Chicken, fries, corn, and pineapple. Vegetarians can also bite into grilled eggplant and paneer. Prices are pocket-friendly.

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