Winter Is Coming! So Here Are Jackets To Stay Warm In Style

It’s that time of the year again, when temperatures drop, and you need to start layering up to keep the chill away. Turn up (your body’s) the heat, without skimping on style and layer like a pro with these uber cool jackets. LBB Shop has these great, warm, and trendy jackets for you. 

Grey Hooded Cardigan

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect embodiment of winter clothing - grey, hooded, and with a tight knit that offers maximum warmth when used as a top layer. Relaxed fit with two pockets at the front, the hooded cardigan will complement your look when you want to look cool, casual, and cosy. 

Multi Printed White Open Jacket

Add some whimsy into winter with this printed open jacket. Available from extra small to 7XL, this jacket works as the perfect accessory to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Nothing to beat the bold and vibrant print while turning up the heat in this open jacket. 

Navy Thumbhole Hooded Open Cardigan

For days when you just want to be comfortable while out, just throw on this open, hooded cardigan, slip in your thumbs into the sleeves, and be on your way. Relaxed fit, this dark blue jacket will work with any casual outfit, and is a must have!

Contrast Detail Mustard Open Cardigan

For a pop of colour in the winter gloom, just slip into this open, mustard cardigan. Made out of comfy cotton, with contrast detailing next to the lapels makes it a great (and warm) addition to your closet for everyday wear. And of course, yellow is known to be cheerful, so you’ll drive those winter blues away with this on!

Galaxy Printed Black Open Jacket

Channel a sky full of stars (and planets) with this open black jacket with fun space themed prints. The open jacket with pockets will keep you warm, stylish, and make you the centre of attraction when you’re out with friends. Oh, and it’s only available on LBB, so feel free to add it to your bag. 

Multicoloured Abstract Printed Open Jacket

Show of your creative and colourful side with this abstract printed jacket that definitely features all the colours of the rainbow. Colours are always stylish, and even more so if they’re within doodles, as on this open jacket. Add a pop, or many of colour to your winter look while keeping it stylish and simple. 

Contrast Elbow Patch Open Cardigan

For you earthy, moody lads who like to keep it mysterious, this dark green open cardigan is perfect. Elevate an otherwise monochromatic look (or colourblock if that’s what you prefer) without moving away from a dark colour palette. No harm staying warm while being suave right?

Contrast Trim Black Long Sleeve Men's Shrug

For days that require a lighter layer to stay warm, there’s nothing better than a shrug. And this one comes with a contrast trim at the lapels that adds subtle style, making you look effortlessly cool. Versatile, stylish, and warm - that’s what this shrug is. 

Solid Thumbhole Long Sleeve Men's Shrug

This shrug is black, sleek, and comes with thumbholes for extra “snuggness”. It’s versatile enough that it’ll go with any of your casual winter looks, be it for heading out for a movie, or just chilling with friends at home. And it’s black, obviously making it the number one as far as style is concerned.