Floral Headdresses And Jewels For Your Braid, These Guys Will Make You The Perfect Indian Bride


If you’re taking the traditional, South Indian route for your big day, don’t forget to adorn your hair with flowers and look the part. And we know just the peeps who’ll have you sorted on the floral accessory front. Enter Moggina Jade By Renu.

Flower Power

Any big South Indian festival or celebration has its belles sporting elaborate flower arrangements in their hair. If you’ve ever seen a Bharatanatyam performance or been to a South Indian wedding, you’ll know what we’re talking about. So if you’ve got a big fat South Indian Wedding soon approaching, make sure you look the part by hitting up Moggina Jade by Renu, who’ll have your floral hair accessories and jewellery in check for the big day. In the business for five years now, Bangalore local Renuka Prakash has grown up watching her friends and fam wear traditional floral designs in their hair and decided to marry those timeless pieces with more contemporary elements. Entirely customisable, her jades {pronounced jadd-eh}, which are what these flower arrangements are called, can be made from all kinds of flowers like roses, jasmine and even orchids. So if you have a colour scheme or pattern in mind, let Renu and her team take care of it. Prices start at INR 1,500 upwards, but if you’re looking to get the whole bridal party spruced up, they’ll work out a better deal for you girls.

In Full Bloom

Masters of most traditional arrangements, these guys will set you up with the dhindu or moggina jade, which is meant for long braids, the veni, which is a flat arrangement that’s worn right at the back of your head and even floral maang tikka, which is the traditional Indian bridal headdress. Apart from hair accessories, they’ll even have your flower garlands ready if you want. Although she has a store in JP Nagar, Renuka prefers working via Whatsapp, Facebook and email. Find her brand’s details on Facebook here and get in touch with her. Since she only works on a made-to-order system, she may not always have something on display at the store, so make sure you call her at +91 9980345829 before dropping in. And make sure you get in touch with them at least three to four days prior to the D day, so they can get everything in order. They’ll deliver it to you too. So get dolled up and look your Indian best for the big bash. {Calling all brides (and their tribes!) – From clothes to gifting, get all your wedding inspiration here. #HitchedWithLBB}