Looking For That Authentic Dosa & Idli Charm? We’ve Found You Some!

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There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that Bangalore serves the best dosas and idlis. There are endless options around the city, ranging from tiny outlets to luxury hotels serving South India’s cherished delicacies, but abundant options spark the fierce debate of where you can find the most authentic taste. Decoding authenticity is no easy task, but we took it up to find you the best! So read on to know the authentic taste we absolutely love.

CTR, Sri Sagar Hotel and It’s Perfect Benne Dosa

The place and its food is a beautiful throwback to old Bengaluru charm, a local icon that dates back to the 20s. They make the best Benne Dosa in the city. While you may find endless versions of the butter dosa (Benne means butter), CTR has won accolades for bringing out the authentic taste! The best part? Even though the dosa comes with a generous amount of butter, it’s still crispy, crunchy and not at all soggy. A delicious enigma indeed. 

Masala Dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan and Its Undying Charm

The beloved Vidyarthi Bhavan stands tall for the last 76 years and is considered a heritage spot in Gandhi Nagar, serving the city's most authentic masala dosa. Crispy, thick dosa, generously loaded with ghee, comes with two filling options- potato and sagu. We’d say leave quickly if you’re in the mood for a hearty Sunday breakfast cause the place fills up really quick! 

The Secret To Having Authentic Dosas & Idlis Right At Home!


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If you’re someone who loves to gorge on authentic dosa and idlis, right at home then you’ve got to stock up on MTR’s fresh batters! MTR Minute Fresh has 3 dedicated batters for idli, dosa and signature red rice dosa with which you can conveniently cook your favourite breakfast, always! And if you’re wondering, why do you need separate ones? It’s because dosa and idli batters are traditionally different, duh. Go ahead, ask your mom, we aren’t lying! So the next time you’re craving some authentic crispy, golden brown dosa and melt in your mouth fluffy soft idlis, pop open that MTR minute fresh batter! (Psst, are you too drooling at the thought of it, cause we are!)

Fluffy Idlis at Taaza Thindi

If you take your idli as seriously as we do, we’d say go ASAP! Self-service is the mantra here and we’d strongly recommend taking their pillow soft, melt in mouth idlis which come drenched in their delicious coconut chutney! Very decently priced, this Jayanagar outlet has our heart for maintaining authentic taste. 

Khali Dosa At Chikkana Tiffin Room

A little on the spicy end, the Khali dosa here is soft, not too fluffy and toasted on both the sides, topped with potato based saagu and chutney, the Cubbonpet outlet still stands tall because of its versatile and authentic taste. 

So now, if you ever miss that traditional South Indian breakfast, you now probably know where to go and have the best! And in case you're in the mood to stay at home, remember to get MTR Minute Fresh batters!