Learn To Ride A Wave Without Breaking The Bank At The Mumu Surf School In Mahabalipuram

    Mahabalipuram, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Want to ride the waves like a boss? Then The Mumu Surf School in Mahabalipuram is just the place for you! Plus, the lessons come at rock-bottom prices. For those who prefer a seaside holiday to be more than beach-bumming, head to Mahabalipuram on your next break. There, dial up the affable Mumu, who heads his own surf school in the beach town. Pretty popular with his students and the local community, Mumu is a master surfer and will be more than happy to impart a few skills. However, if you are heading to Mahabalipuram with the sole purpose of learning to surf, we recommend you book your slot in advance since they are pretty popular with the tourist crowd.

    The lessons happen on the main Mahabalipuram beach where you are surrounded by the breathtaking Shore Temple. You can either opt for private lessons (INR 1,500 per session) or if you are looking to save a buck — you can sign up as a group (INR 1,200 per person). Most of the sessions last for about 90 minutes and the fee covers the equipment and gear.Looking to go pro (of sorts)? They have a five-day course that will set you back by about INR 7,000. If you already possess skills, then you can simply rent out boards from here and head over to meet the waves.


    All that surfing is bound to get you hungry! Well, it’s a good thing you can head to Mumu’s cafe called Sandy Bottom Cafe (it’s attached to the surf school) after your lesson.

      Mahabalipuram, Chennai