Scuba Diving To Reading: New Year's Resolutions We're Encouraging For 2020

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Forget making lists and checking them twice. We make lists of resolutions and chuck them twice! Not this time though! With 2020 comes great responsibility and great promise. So instead of making lists that won’t last, let us help you out with your New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t panic, we have everything from playing frisbee and holidaying to joining book clubs and decluttering your life on ours. Check it out!

Get Fit

Sure this has been on your list since circa 2007, but hey, it’s great to set goals. And this year, maybe it’s time to really achieve them. After all, it has been about 11 years since you put this fine thing onto your Resolution List. We’ll help. If you’re bored of the gym or a group class, we think you should adopt an alternative way to get fit including animal flow or bungee workout. Still a gym bunny? These gyms will sort you out for under INR 2,000 a month. Or, just hit up our favourite trampoline park often and jump yourself to fitness. Those living in North Bangalore, no better place than the Padukone-Dravid Centre For Sports Excellence to learn a sport, and workout. Their swimming pool is amazing!

Learn A New Skill

For 2020, we’re all about the underwater explorations. So our pick of skill this year is scuba diving. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave Bangalore to learn how to dive. You can get your basic training done at Planet Scuba and Dive India, then hit up the coast and do your final stint in the sea or ocean. Or just go ahead to the Andamans and dive in head first with Barefoot Scuba, one of the best-known schools for scuba training around. When you’re licensed, then head to Nethrani IslandKaup Beach for best dives.

Travel South India

Or at least travel around India. We’re not saying spend loads of money and go to the ends of the Earth. What we are saying is make sure you explore at least nearer-to-you places. Like good old KabiniChikmagalur or Gokarna. If the hills are calling, then here's where you should go in South India. In fact, we’re not even telling you to squander away your casual leave. Even the weekends work for us, and we’ve got just the list for you: The List Of Long Weekends.

Read More Books


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Kick-start your reading habit and bury your nose into more books and tomes this year. With so many budget and second-hand bookstores in town to score reads at great deals, make sure you check out BookchorAkruti Books and Book Bonanza and for second-hand books. Or you could check out Books on Demand and Read A Book, which are online communities that let you borrow books for free. Maybe even join a book club, like the Bangalore Book Club that meets up once a month. This all year book fair, and Blossom Book House are also obvious choice, as always!

Declutter Your Life

If you’ve got a pile of junk that you need to get rid off, do your bit for the planet and society and donate to these great causes in the city. Your electronic waste alone has the power to light up a village in Arunachal Pradesh, if you donate it to the Batti Project. Or you could donate your wires and cords to Wastecraft, that’ll transform them into quirky decor elements and sell it to raise money for charity.

If you’ve got heaps of clothes that you haven’t worn in ages, then you got to just let those threads go and start thrifting with these places. which will resell them and you can also buy thrifted and pre-loved clothes that won't burn a hole in your pocket (and super sustainable). You can donate toys and books too, as long as they’re in good condition. Or you can go out with the old and in with the new and give your old clothes to Marks & Spencers for a discount on their merch. H&M too has an offer where in you give them an H&M bag of your old clothes, and they'll give you 15% off on your next bill. 

Fall In Love With Bangalore...Again

This year, fall in love with Bangalore all over again by rediscovering our fair city (with some help from us here at LBB). Here are a few of our recommendations to get you started. Think you’re a true-blue Bangalorean? Take the test and see if you know about these 10 things most hardcore Bangaloreans haven’t heard of. Or get outside and meet people at these 17 spots. And check out these nine markets that happen all over town that sell everything from fresh flowers to fruit and veggies.

New to the city? Here’s a handy guide of things to know. And for other recommendations of awesomeness to check out in the city, follow LBB.

Watch Bengaluru FC Games

With two championships in the I-League, international glory, an ISL tabletop (but eventually runners-up #LeagueHotiTohKyaHota), there’s no reason you should live in Bangalore and not watch Bengaluru FC games! OK, this doesn't need to be a resolution, but with this team really doing their best to bring glory to the city on a football field, they're worth becoming a habit. Most importantly though, it brings you into a place where nothing else matters but your love for the team. It's a fantastic atmosphere where the person seated next to you at kick-off, becomes your buddy by the end of the 90 minutes!