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Old Is Gold: Shop For Curated Pre-Owned Goodies From This Local Service

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Old Is Gold

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What Makes It Awesome

Raise your hands if you're one of these two people or even both: Hoarders of anything and everything or Collectors of all things useful. Either way, Old Is Gold has a solution for you. This Bengaluru-based service began  at the start of the pandemic with a goal to help people sell and buy pre-owned products. Perfect timing might we add; people cooped up at home may want to clear off things that they bought and don't use or may want to add suitable pieces for everyday needs. 

Unlike the mayhem on other sites-- finding a good quality verified product and connecting with the buyer or seller, Old Is Gold brings method to this madness. If you're a seller, all you have to do is head to the website, fill out a form and the team will reach out to you in a matter of hours, verify your product and then state if you can be listed or not and help with pricing. Then, the buyer can either make a "Direct Outright Buy" or choose to "Make An Offer", which is, mention how much they're willing to pay for the product. Old Is Gold then takes over the negotiations and finds a middle ground and makes the sale.

Currently, they deal in Artefacts & Antiques, Sports Equipment, Furniture & Home Goods, Baby Products (parents who have no use for strollers, cradles etc) and Vintage Tech (old school electronics). All this is verified by an expert from the field.


Old Is Gold only delivers in Bengaluru but if you're situated elsewhere in the country they can ship at an additional cost. To ensure safe delivery, they do not release payments to sellers till the product reaches the buyer. Returns are available only if the product is not accepted at the point of delivery.