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Top Online Food Delivery Services In Town And What To Order From Them

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Ideal for a lazy weekend or after a tough day at work or if you simply home and don't want to cook, at the click of a button you can have a lavish meal or comfort food at your table with lifesaving online food delivery apps. Conjuring up everything from the humble rajma chawal to elaborate gourmet grills and salads, we tell you about top-notch food delivery startups in the city.

Oota Box

Oota Box

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Craving home cooked food? Oota Box will have you sorted. The service acts as a mid point between chefs and consumers. Basically, the food is made by people living at home in their own kitchens, so its literally home cooked food! Largely offering South Indian, North Indian and Jain food (so you'll definitely find your favourite comfort meal there), they also take specific requests if a chef knows the recipe. You can choose the one time delivery option, or subscription pack if you know what you like. Servicing most parts of town, each area's "best dish" will differ.

Price: based on order/subscription

Goodness! Beverages

Relaunching itself with cold coffees (made using the cold brew technique) and milkshakes, these guys have a selection of classic and flavoured beverages that are just what you need to cool down. Available in pairs and combos, their Coffiato Classic and Coffiato Hazelnut are what you must try. They also make smoothies and energy drinks, oat smoothies and yoghurt smoothies and you can opt to subscribe for periodic drink deliveries. Read more about their cold coffees here.

Price: INR 100 upwards


Skip the pricey mains here (though they do serve two-three people) in favour of their full-meal salads which range from the simple Greek or Teriyaki dressed ones to the more exotic Udon Noodle Soup which loads you up with Bulgarian mushrooms, garlic and noodles. If you’re feeling moreish then the ‘Minis’ (think chicken wings, paper rolls, tacos and skewers) should do the trick. Those not counting calories must try the Chefkraft Fried Chicken with wasabi ketchup and potato wedges, or their Bento Boxes. The only hitch: you need to order in by 9am to be able to get lunch by 1pm. And did we mention that LBB loves ordering from Chefkraft? Read our review here.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Fresh Menu

Shifting focus from the ghar-ka-khana, these guys are all about international cuisine ranging from sliders, crepes and steaks to Chinese combos and vegetarian options (complete with eggless dessert). While the options change daily, they cover Italian, Continental, Asian and Mexican fare. And the good news? They deliver nearly everywhere. Literally to the boondocks and back! That said, we’re not as big fans as we used to be as the quality is a bit up and down.

Price: INR 150 upwards

Masala Box

Masala Box

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Bringing the warriors of the kitchens under one roof, this app delivers grub straight from the heart and hearth to you. Home-chefs are the elves they depend on so nothing is impossible when it comes to the food they offer. If you fancy minestrone soup, or butter chicken with makhani paratha or perhaps some Szechuan fried rice with garlic chicken, then they’re on it. Packed in microwaveable boxes, they’re eco-friendly and make it easy to eat at a desk. Kerala cuisine tops the favourite here.

Price: INR 300 upwards



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Sushimen a delivery only platform that delivers, well, Sushi! So if you're feeling fancy but can't trek to some place that serves (close to) authentic sushi, this is one of our favourite places to order from. We love their salmon maki and crabstick nigiri. The soy ties all the elements in nicely (and comes in a cute pot). They also offer vegetarian and vegan meals, so this is for when you want to treat yourself.

Price: INR 200 upwards

The Bowl Company

Comfort food from across the globe in neat little bowls so your desk doesn’t get messy. Sounds ideal, right? And that is exactly what The Bowl Company does. From rustic pastas and elaborate Texas BBQ Chicken, they have some delicious options from the Orient too. Or go desi with prawn curry and butter chicken. Check out our experience here.

Price: INR 180 upwards.


Another food delivery service, Box8 covers Indian food, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. This one even promises delivery in 38 minutes from the delivery zone nearest to you . Box8 is ideal for a desk lunch or a quick fix without piling on the calories.What we most liked was Anti-Surge (mini meals at INR 88), Staples Box (think Dal Chawal and Chole Chawal) and All-In-One-Meals. They deliver until 1am so feel free to call these guys for a perfect midnight snack. 

Price: INR 150 upwards 

Inputs from Tanisha Singh.

ITC Hotels

If biryani and pulao are your jam, then indulge yourself in The Biryani & Pulao Collection by ITC Hotels. Cloud Kitchen By ITC Hotels have two locations in the city to cater to your cravings and you can place orders for pulao and biryani such as Chemmen Pulao, Konaseema Kodi Pulao, and Gosht Bohri Biryani. You can find ITC Hotels on the restaurant delivery aggregator, Swiggy. 

Stock Up On Ready-To-Cook Meals From LBB


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While beckoning food at a click on a button has made life happier, the wait, oh the wait for the food to arrive is an ordeal! So if you are someone who doesn't enjoy cooking, or are often lazy to cook and are impatient at that, why not stock up on a bunch of Ready-to-cook-and-eat meals from Shop On LBB? All you have to do is heat and eat or at the most add water to most of these dishes and boy do we have a whole range! From mane type oota like Ven Pongal to Rajma Chawal and Khichdi, we also have Churro, Pancake and Cake mixes and options like Chipotle Quinoa! 


Once you've tried and tested all of the above mentioned places, move on to this list of Home Chefs In Bangalore home delivering everything from Malaysian to Afghani food home! Or just click on the link and bookmark to revisit.