Jewellery Junkies! Bookmark These Online, Indie Brands For Their Silver Creations

Navya posted on 23 May

Whether traditional designs have stolen your heart or you are deeply committed to the modern aesthetic, these indie jewellery brands will floor you with their silver offerings.

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Aham Jewellery

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Aham Jewellery

Retailing on Facebook, Aham’s vintage and tribal-inspired designs will surely find a special place in your jewellery collection. You can browse through their page to pick from ornate jhumkas that are studded with corals and other stones. Others come adorned with artful, traditional motifs like peacocks and floral flourishes. Their offerings also include the statement neckpieces and kadas.

Price: INR 500 upwards

Check out their Facebook page here.


Mumbai-based, silver jewellery brand – Moha – has earned fans from all over India. Their website has a range of offerings from delicate nose pins to statement necklaces. Many of these are inspired by jewellery traditions and cultures from across the country. There are Filigree, floral pendants, Maharashtrian naths, and Mogra earrings with Meenakari work.

Price: INR 1,800 upwards

Check out the collection here.


For those of you who love modern designs, Aliame is perfect. They specialise in sterling, silver earrings that are designed by founder Divya Gupta. You can pick up danglers that are inspired by Japanese, ornamental fans or patterns that are inspired by the moon and even simple, hoop earrings that come with interesting, design details.

Price: INR 3,000 upwards

Check out the website here.


One of our favourites, Lai incorporates cultural inspirations and design elements from all over the world into their stunning collections. Their Call of the Kutch offerings, for example, infuses bold, statement pendants with delicate jali work. The African Odyssey, on the other hand, features the colours and aesthetics associated with tribes from the region. We also love their contemporary take on the ancient art of Bidri. Be prepared to spend loads of time and money on this website!

Price: INR 650 upwards

Check out their collection here.


When you are looking for out-of-the-box creations, Quirksmith is the way to go! Unorthodox and oozing sass, this brand is for the women of today. You can pick up hairpins that are crafted like a pair of scissors or tribal-inspired earplugs. Their nose pins, inspired from horseshoes to Tibetan roofs, are all the rage. And so are their statement rings.

Price: INR 900

Check it out here.