Soft Toys That Will Make Your Kids Go Crocheyayayay!

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What Makes It Awesome

There’s something about crochet products that expresses love like nothing else. Be it the fact that they’re handmade with love over long hours or that they’re warm and comforting, just like the person who’s made these products for you. Much like crochet products, toys are also an expression of glee and affection. So the folks at Knitting Kreations thought, why not double the love, joy and all things merry to make crochet toys. This is a brand that makes personalised handcrafted crochet products so that you express love in a crafty way, just like we here at LBB like it.

We loved their soft toys, the crochet animal toys in bright colours that your little one or just about anyone would love. You can cuddle with them or decorate them. Knitting Kreations has made childhood’s Humpty Dumpty come to life with these dolls made from acrylic yarn. These are designed to sit flat on the edge of tables and chairs with its legs dangling down. All 9 inches, these are toxic free and fun for you to cuddle with. They even have animals like little monkeys and bunny dolls that are made from baby soft yarn and stuffed with super soft fibre. Moving on to a tad older age cohort, we loved their handmade crochet mobile covers that are made from high quality stretchable yarn. All their products are customisable and personalised, you merely need to get in touch with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature to have yours made!