We Took A Crack At This Bakery's Tin Cakes And They Are Yum

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What Makes It Awesome

CrackIt is a new online bakery in town that does tin cakes and the fun part is, you need to crack into them to have the cake. Not the tin, but the shell that covers the cake. We were sent three tin cakes -- Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet with White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate. We cracked open the Red Velvet first -- not too sweet, which we approve of and perfect for at least two-three people. Or for one person, if it's a cheat day or you have intense cravings. In fact, these tin cakes are available in two sizes -- half-tin and full-tin with the former perfect for three people and the latter for up to six people. 

Our favourite was the Dark Chocolate one with a dark chocolate shell, a delish dark chocolate mousse, and finished off with an espresso chocolate sponge. It's the right kind of sweet, bitter, and yum -- a good balance without anything overpowering. The Milk Chocolate with a Cookie Shell is for anyone who loves intense sweetness and wants that sugar rush. Cookie chunks and milk chocolate ganache are topped with a milk chocolate shell and a big chunky cookie. See we told you, it's for anyone who loves sugar. Another flavour we'd like to try is the Old Monk Tiramisu that's made with ladyfingers infused with Old Monk Rum and topped with mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder. 

We love how these tin cakes (they come in round steel tin boxes) are ideal for just about anything from birthdays to sending them as gifts for that friend who lives in sugar high life. 


You can order these cakes via Bake11 and the delivery is Pan-Bangalore.