Can’t Really Cook? This Brand’s Healthy Instant Food Will Fix You Up Good

    What Makes It Awesome

    Cooking sometimes is actually rocket science, especially when you have never cooked before or are just lazy to do so. As they say, modern problems need modern solutions, Organic Roots is here to help us with some delicious and healthy instant food. All you gotta do is add hot water and eat it. Yes, it is that simple. We are talking about Bisi Bele Bath, Khichdi, Curd Rice, Upma and Veg Haleem. The best part is all the ingredients are organic, sourced locally and directly from the farmers. Try the Bisi Bele Bath made with barnyard millets and if you also like Khichdi like yours truly, you are in for a treat. Choose from a wide variety of Khichdi such as black rice and quinoa khichdi, mixed bean khichdi, moth dal, and bajra khichdi, multigrain khichdi, and toor dal and red rice khichdi. For breakfast, you can order Millet Upma and it is also diabetic friendly. Prices start at INR 125.


    You can now order through LBB Shop.