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Men, Here Are 5 Bottomwear Options That HAVE To Be In Your Closet


    We'll keep this simple and to the pant (see what I did there #irony). Here are five kind of pants all you guys need to have in your wardrobe. We understand if you've just a couple pair of your most comfortable trousers in your wardrobe that you use for every occasion. Do that, yes but it never hurt to try something different, yes? If you want to experiment and try expanding your wardrobe when it comes to pants, Here are various kinds of full pants that you need to have. If you're eternally confused on what pants to wear for what occasion, look no further because this list will tell you all you need to know about what you need to wear and when. We've gotten to the bottom(wear) of it (see what I did there #doubletrubble) to help you guys sort this out. 

    Blue Jeans

    Men Classic Denim Washed Blue Skinny Fit Jeans

    Men Classic Denim Washed Blue Skinny Fit Jeans


    Could there be any way we wouldn't include this first? The king of all full pants, the blue jeans/denims are something everyone has and can be used for a multitude of purposes, for any kind of hangout, be it to the restaurant or on a train journey. These go with anything, everything and is comfortable to wear. These pairs of blue denims from Llak Jeans are skinny fit and will go wtih any outfit, anywhere. 

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    Track Pants

    Men Logo Patch Detail Solid Jogger Pants

    Men Logo Patch Detail Solid Jogger Pants


    If you want to give comfort the extra edge whenever you go out, track pants are your answer. We aren't just glad athleisure is growing as a trend, we're ecstatic. Whether you're using these for the gym sessions or whether you're in transit, these are the perfect replies to uncomfortable tight pants. Best with a t-shirt, you can wear these for casual outings, workouts or when you're travelling. We loved these patch detail solid jogger pants in black that are made form pure cotton, are flexible and the best part, available only on LBB and we're sure you'll love these too. 

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    Formal Trousers

    Men Classic Teal Slim Fit Trousers

    Men Classic Teal Slim Fit Trousers


    You know it classifies as formal when you see silky rich pants that has this matte or glossy finish. So much that if you see any creases or grooves in them, it appears odd. Well guys, formal trousers are meant for you corporate folks or when the one-off family function calls for you to dress up. Good for the gram, as most of you don the formals for that reason. This pair of formal trousers is made to order and made from terry-wool suiting blends. This one's a nice blue that you can match up with light coloured shirts and brown lace-ups.