Re-Do Your Home With Handcrafted Modernist Furniture From Here


    If you're looking for furniture that is completely design-led, old-worldly (or at least, reminds you of grandma's home) and utterly stunning, then hit up Phantom Hands.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Love timeless furniture pieces? Then, Phantom Hands should be your go-to site. They are an artisan collective of traditional woodworkers, cane weavers and upholsterers from India. In fact, the name 'Phantom Hands' is a metaphor for artisans who have inherited these skills from generation to generation. These are carpenters from Rajasthan, wood polishers from Gorakhpur and cane weavers belonging to a single family from the town of Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu.

    Their Project Chandigarh collection re-edits furniture created for Chandigarh in the 1950s. Yup, no kidding. Our heads were completely turned when we saw their armless lounge chairs, teak wood coffee tables and high stools with cane-lattice seating. Not only are these designs beautiful and old-worldly, but they are also made with hand tools. Even the rattan cane used for the seat and the back of the chairs are peeled and woven by hand!

    To place an order, you have to write to them or DM them on their social media handles, and they will send you a price list based on where you live. Once you receive it, we are sure it'll make a great addition to your home. And hopefully, it'll be something your future heirs will fight over! Otherwise, what's the point, right?


    They don't have a retail space, just a manufacturing unit, so you'll have to make your purchase through their website.