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Claying Around: These Ceramics Are Imperfect On Purpose & Unexpectedly Stunning!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Wabi-sabi pottery or the art of finding beauty in imperfect ceramics is our latest jam! And fueling this newfound love is Pune's Popup Stone, a brand that is handmade and unique from start to finish. There's just something about owning a flawed plate or mug from here and we can't seem to point out if it's the colours, the unfinished aesthetic, wobbly edges, visible textures or the variety, we love. But one thing you can tell too is that Neha, the creator and the only person manning the entire process just wants to have fun with clay!

    Traditional is far from what you will spot in Popup Stone's collection but we can guarantee functional with truckloads of experimental. Picture Teapots that have a triangular spout and cover, Coffee Brewing Sets (coffee machine & mugs), Napkins Holders or Family Tumblers (dad, mom, baby, these have a lid and a lip/straw hole!) all made in clay. Neha also makes gorgeous decorative pieces like imprinted Trinket Dishes, Place Mats, Wall Hangings (crescent moons, hamsa hands, abstracts) and Planters too. To us nothing comes close to the cuteness of the Butter Dish and the dragon eggs like speckled Dessert Bowls. 

    Most of Popup Stone's pieces are unglazed and raw, sticking to colours of off-white, white and earthy blues, teals, reds, mauves, browns, greens and corals. You can also customise an entire dinner set or a show piece for personal use or as a truly unique gift. We are doing both because we love the brand, bumps, grooves and all!


    Neha typically takes about 3 weeks to finish her flawed master pieces, so place your orders well in advance. Prices here start at just INR 300. Browse through the catalogue and hit the 'Enquire Now' feature to shop!