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This Brand Does All Kinds Of Tea As Wands, Loose Or In Biodegradable Bags

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Premier's Tea

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What Makes It Awesome

There is no need to convince someone to have good tea. They should know it is for their own well-being! But it is important to push people in the right direction, and that is currently towards Premier's Tea that has been in the market for over three decades now. While they do tisanes as well, we love how they stick to traditional favourites of Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, and Masala Chai. I mean, really, you don't need much more than that! 

What is more noteworthy is the packaging! Be it regular tea bags, loose tea (in choice of metal caddies), or even wands and bio-degradable bags. The teas are available in Premier’s pyramid-shaped teabags, that thankfully don't smell of filter paper, or get as soaked as those! And since these pyramid shapes allow for use of bigger leaves, it makes the tea stronger and better. I recommend getting all the flavours in one box with the nifty hand-made gift box, and get the best of Darjeeling, Darjeeling Green, Assam, Nilgiri, English Breakfast or Earl Grey. I'd recommend having the teas without milk, and with a bit of honey for best results. 

I also love that they have tea wands which I find far neater and more practical than bags even. With more choice of flavours these wands are whole leaf teas from various origins from India, and well as more exotic tisanes in this packaging too. Think Chamomile, mint, Jasmine, and even a chocolate one. These wands are made from safe aluminum and retain the aroma and flavour of the tea so really, for all you tea drinkers, it's a win-win.