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Aquarium Tabletops, And Crystalline Coasters - This Designer Makes It With Resin

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What Makes It Awesome

“The earth without art is just ‘eh’” might be a cool poster concept, but Priyanka Gupta Agarwal of Studio Chhavi lives by it through her art. Apart from acrylic paintings inspired by her life and experiences (another recommendation by itself we feel!), she makes some mesmerising acrylic art. Priyanka makes art out of resin and colours - whether it's paintings and art displays, or jewellery, place mats and geode coasters.

Those Oddly Satisfying videos of resin or paint being poured on to a flat surface to give the impression of looking into a pond or aquarium (and yes, there’s a piece that’s exactly that, koi fish and all). Also find abstract, geode inspired paintings in all the colours of the rainbow interspersed with metallic shades. Some of them take it a step further with small pebbles to provide texture, giving it that ‘macroview’ perspective to them. With this technique, she makes clocks, trays, tabletops, metallic plates (that look like you’re looking into a marble!). 

Entertain guests with a psychedelic cheese tray with a mini-galaxy on it, or geode inspired coasters, table mats that look like the sea meeting a sandy shore, or a galaxy coloured box for odds and ends that you can realistically be the guardian of. In fact, use it to store some of the pretty resin jewellery that she makes with resin designed to have pigment or glitter in it, like pixie dust in a gem! 

The brand ships across India, so if you'd like to gift a buddy or family in another city, you can totes do so.


She also conducts art classes as well as resin design classes at her HSR studio, if you live in Bangalore, should you want to make your own art. Priyanka has also introduced geode tables, seesham wood tables and decorative metal trays with preserved flowers.