Major Furnishing Goals Courtesy This Brand's Colourful Cushion Covers


    What Makes It Awesome

    In the interests of this writer's friends and family asking him to invest in some pretty home furnishing, finding indie designer home studio Raha Homes was just perfect. The brand has a collection of home furnishings that covers everything from aprons and table napkins to cushion and pillow covers and bedsheets to rugs. In short, everything you need to make your home pretty and well-furnished. Our pick from the collection? The cushion and pillow covers, because that's what we need desperately. Enough of those muted colours and more of these colourful prints and designs. It's a bit tropical, a bit geometric, and but most importantly they will instantly add character to your sofa, chair or even bed.    

    We are adding the Green Meadow design to our cart because we are suckers for floral prints. It'll go well with our basic white chair that we have. The Confetti design is another pick of ours. Yeah, we realised we need a lot of colours. Luckily, Raha has them. The current collection on Shop On LBB focuses on cushion and pillow covers, but we're waiting for more of their cool stuff like the bedsheets and table runners to come online.