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Whitefield Folks, Did You Know There's A Thrift Shop In Your Hood? Enter 2020 With Sustainability!

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What Makes It Awesome

A tiny little store in Vijay Nagar, Re-Store is a shop that sells gently used (as they put it) goods. From clothes and shoes to cutlery and even furniture, the store accepts pre-owned things from anyone and resells them at nominal rates to the people who could really use them. Started by Devyani Trivedi, Re-store was inspired by the common concept of thrift stores abroad. It all began last winter when the citizens of Whitefield decided to help the less fortunate through the winter cold by donating their old coats and blankets. Inspired to keep this charitable streak going, Devyani opened a physical store, so people could make generous contributions all year round. Hoping to act as a bridge between communities and sections of society, they act along a Robin Hood-esque model, except they don’t steal from the rich, but simply accept donations, and make sure they are sold to people at throwaway prices to give them a sense of ownership. Prices start as low as INR 100. This, however, doesn’t mean the store isn’t open to everyone.

With so many hidden treasures, there’s no telling what you can find here. From fine cutlery and bakeware, made in the UK to a sofa from IKEA, the store has sold it all at extremely easy prices. So head on down there for a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Or add to it. So when you’re done with your spring cleaning, feel free to donate your clothes, accessories, books, furniture and anything you may feel is useful to someone else. Don’t go trying to fob off trash though. Only take what you’d happily buy yourself. Not only would you have done a good deed, but you’d also reduce your carbon footprint and live sustainably by buying their pre-owned products. Plus, they’re much cheaper. It’s an all-around win-win, we think.


Check them out on Facebook here. Do give them a call at +91 9886536240 before you drop in though.