Popular Television Actor Ridhi Dogra Tells Us Her Fav Brands & Best Hacks

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We got chatting with popular actor Ridhi Dogra of Asur, Nach Baliye and Fear Factor fame and got her to spill the beans on her favourite homegrown brands and some cool hacks and tips. Read on to find out what she has to say. 

Brands She Loves

Ohria Ayurveda

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EK By Ekta: The online home decor site by Ekta Kapoor is known for its range of home linen, dinnerware, and home accents inspired by Indian design aesthetics and handicrafts.

Auric: The wellness brand does a range of natural and ayurvedic health drinks that helps with good gut, and overall wellness, and help your detox better.

Ohria Ayurveda: It's an organic ayurvedic beauty brand that offers premium skincare products devoid of any chemicals. The brand sources its ingredients from the Himalayas and uses traditional formulations to develop a wide range of natural beauty products. 

Skechers: One of her favourite pairs of footwear she cannot do without is her lightweight and comfy walking shoes from Skechers. 

Cafes And Bars She Loves

When Ridhi is in Delhi, she's chilling at The Big Chill Cafe but when she's in Mumbai she loves Prithivi Cafe for its general vibe and Kitchen Garden by Suzette. For really great cocktails and fun times, she recommends The Butler and The Bayleaf in Juhu, Mumbai. 

Ridhi's Top Beauty Hacks and Tips

Ridhi says nothing like doing up the eyes with mascara and applying something to the eye because it's the first that people notice and in her own words "the eyes are the windows to the soul"

Another tip that she says is to always carry sunblock with you to protect your skin from ageing and pigmentation.

Ridhi's Top Fashion Tips

When asked about three must-haves in her wardrobe, Ridhi tells us that you cannot do without accessories. They are the absolute best according to her. The more accessories the merrier. She recommends that everyone must have a crisp white shirt. And then finally a really comfortable bottom something like a wrap skirt that is just easy to wear and carry off.