This Store In Thippasandra Is A Steampunk Hipster Dream Come True

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What Makes It Awesome

Wish you could have kept the stuff your granddad gave away fifteen years ago? We do too! That is exactly why we’ve got our hearts set on one too many things at this tiny gift shop. Gramophones that seem to have come straight out of an old Charlie Chaplin black-and-white film, 18th century-inspired nautical telescopes and refurbished handcrafted rotary dial telephones are what’s making up our wishlist. And if you’re still not taken, they also have a collection statues of Buddha and other deities, all made in heavy brass.

Unintentionally inspired by a steampunk fantasy, you can find some of the coolest timepieces that are basically just the insides of old clocks fitted into boxes and newer frames. If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on one of these unique pieces to satiate your inner sci-fi geek. We’re channelling Doctor Who and Lara Croft!

While there are quite a few great finds at RisingSun, the place is also filled with a lot of over the top grandfather clocks as well as modern battery operated clocks that don’t quite make the cut. So, spend some time, dig deep so you can actually score something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.