We Found The Perfect Picnic Spot For You At Sangama and Mekedatu



Pack that picnic basket and head over to Sangama and Mekedatu to spend a day by gurgling waters and exploring the sylvan surroundings.

Get A Headstart

Sangama and Mekedatu are almost five hours away from Bangalore, so it’s best to set out early if you want to make the most of your outing. This is rocky terrain you are heading towards so get those comfy, walking shoes out. Apart from chilling out by the waters there is not much of activity you can look forward to. So pack that racy novel, a frisbee, and your camera for the trip. For a breakfast stop, the Mysore highway would be best and gives you plenty of options to choose from.

First stop, Sangama. This is the spot where rivers, Arkavathi and Cauvery, meet. What you see is a shallow brook that expands on both ends into massive rivers that are surrounded by green hills. Camp out where the waters are easily wadeable. You can either go for a spin in a coracle or perch on a rock and take in the scenery. And while there are plenty of people who venture into the waters, we recommend that you stay away since signboards around clearly warn of strong currents.

To reach Mekedatu, you need to cross the Sangama by wading through the waters halfway and then hopping into a waiting coracle. On the other side, a rickety, old bus will take you (for a small fee) to Mekedatu. The deep gorges with gushing waters running through them make for a great view from the top. A short distance from where the viewing point, the gorges and the river become more accessible. You can stop by the banks for a few pictures but, again, trying to make your way through the sharp rocks is not a good idea at all.

When you get back to the Sangama, there is a Government-run restaurant that you can grab a bite at. However, if you’ve packed a picnic, just leave the Sangama area. There are plenty of monkeys waiting for an opportunity to snatch the food right out of your hands. Just a few minutes away, you’ll find open fields where you can spread a blanket and enjoy your picnic in peace.


If you find that you still have time on your hands, you can head over the nearby Chunchi Falls. Or drive to Bheemeshwari and Muthathi that are a short distance away.