Eggs Kejriwal And Pizza Omlettes, This HSR Cafe Does Breakfast Right And Also Burgers


    Looking for a good cafe with good food in HSR? Well, step right into this beautiful cafe located on the 7th Sector of HSR. Sector 7 Cafe is your go-to place for their all-day breakfast, quick bites and a great cafe ambience.

    Chow Down

    Peri Peri Chicken, Addictive Nachos, BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Sip On

    Virgin Mojito, Oreo Shake

    Winning For

    Lovely place to chill with friends or even work out of, the cafe wins also for its large breakfast spread and hearty mains.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    It’s a beautifully done cafe with the bright lights, the neat interiors come with doodled walls, wooden tables, and a small bookshelf by the entrance that instantly puts you to ease and comfort. Spacious with a lot of seating, it’s perfect for those evening catch ups with friends or one of those “work from home” days. You’ll even love the open-air seats by the balcony that are perfect for date nights.

    Best Food In The Sector

    The menu has a mix of everything from fried eggs to pancakes and steaks to pizzas. We started off with the Addictive Nachos, and boy, with the amount of cheese on it, we were hooked on to it from the first bite. We definitely recommend this with extra jalapenos. We also ordered the Peri Peri Chicken and BBQ Chicken Pizza for mains. The well-cooked chicken was tender with the Peri Peri seasoning giving it that nice lemony and chilly kick. Also, shout out to the mashed potatoes served on the side.

    “In thin crust, we believe” — the motto we live by when it comes to pizzas. Shredded chicken, jalapenos, and caramelised onions all brought together by the rich BBQ sauce is what makes this fine pizza easily our favourite from the menu. And since we had lots of spicy food, we ordered an Oreo Shake to wash down all that spice. Even the Virgin Mojito is recommended as well.

    Egg-cellent Menu

    The all-day breakfast and eggs menu here is something that needs to be talked about. You’ve options such as An Ode To England, an English breakfast spread, Piggier the Merrier, an all-out bacon spread that includes sausages and pepperoni hash browns, and King’s Legacy, a classic pancake spread. The egg’s menu throws up some interesting items such as Egg’s Kejriwal {a version of the popular Mumbai version} which is an omelette stuffed with three veggies of your choice, and they also do a Pizza Omelette that comes with a generous amount of toppings such as cherry tomatoes, olives, basil, and overload of cheese. The eggs are served with bread, butter, and baked beans making this a meal in itself.

    So, We Are Thinking...

    We hear that they host live music acts and comedy nights too, so we definitely need to check that out. Also, try that Stuffed Chicken that the waiter recommended.