Cutesy Pyjamas For When It's Too Cold To Step Out

Winter is here. And that means it's officially sweatshirt and pyjamas season! We can barely contain our excitement and are already stocking up on cute pyjamas from Shop On LBB. Here are some of our faves:

Small Checkered Pyjamas

Comfy yet stylish. That's what we thought when we saw this pair of pyjamas. And since it's available in grey, black and pink variants (we personally prefer the latter), you have all the more options to play mix and match!

Two-Toned Checkered Pyjamas

Does anything say cool and casual like these jammies? We think not. We're quietly adding this to cart before it gets sold out. You know, for the stay-at-home-and-binge-watch-Bojack-Horseman kind of nights.

Penguin Printed Pyjamas

Even if you're sitting at home, you can make a statement. Pick these nostalgia-inducing penguin printed pyjamas that makes you think about Pingu (remember that show?) and the good ole days before salaries and bills.

Multi Dragon Printed Green Pyjamas

Trust us, the dragons on this pair do all the work for you. Now everyone will know not to talk to you until you've had your first cuppa. Add. To. Cart!

Printed Blush Pyjamas

Okay, not everything has to be plaid or pop-culture prints. Sometimes, you buy PJs just to look and feel dainty and girly. This pair is like that!