This Farm Stay Comes With Proper Hogwarts Vibes And Sits Atop Coonoor's Highest Peak

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What Makes It Awesome

High above the army barracks, and away from the messy town that Coonoor has now become, this farm stay, atop the Tenerife Hill, is a breath of fresh air. Essentially the property of Tranquilitea, a company which makes artisan tea from the Nilgiris, this homestay is on their massive estate and of course, lies on the highest peak of Coonoor. So you’re assured of two things — solitude and great views!

Tenerife is kitted out with two rooms — large and old school, almost like the common rooms straight out of Hogwarts, with teak and rosewood furniture dotting the space. Each room also opens out onto a different garden, so you can relax in peace without even bumping into other guests. For a more vast view though, the main garden is where you should be at.

So be a darling and try making it a party of four, at least! Breakfast is on the house, with dinner chargeable, but lunch you’ll have to fend for yourself. For dinner however, do ask to try the local cuisine of the Bagadas, a tribe native to The Nilgiris. Apparently, the food used to have a smokey flavour as it’s mostly cooked in earthen pots. Expect slightly spicy, meat-dominated food with mushroom and bamboo shoots too.

When you’ve had copious amounts of tea and want to venture out, there’s plenty to do. They will organise a trek up to the peak of the Tenerife hill which takes about an hour. But if you’re serious about adventure, the 8-hour hike to Droog is worth expending your energy. An old watch post constructed by Tipu Sultan, it has been around since the 16th Century, and getting there is a pleasure — through tea plantations, a ruined fort, and Silver Oak trees.


What is noteworthy about this homestay is that they only host one family per time. So if it’s just one room you require, they won’t take on any others, even it means the second room is empty.