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Artistry Is At The Heart Of These Handmade Soaps With Bars For Men Too

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What Makes It Awesome

Soapistry, a spinoff on the term "artistry" is all about making instagrammable soap bars that look and smell totally edible! Soapistry specialises in cold processed soap bars incorporating ingredients like moringa, kokum, mica, and neem among others. Each bar has a base of vegetable oils and butters and a signature fragrance like papaya and frangipani and prices start at INR 250.

For those with a thing for fruit, choose the bars with fruit pulp. There's activated charcoal too, for when you're battling large pores or inflammation, and coffee or chocolate for when you’d like to smell like a snack. We like the sound of the Bastille Soap made with 75% olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil, kokum butter, and carrot purée. It's fragrance free and is perfect for highly sensitive skin and babies. In contrast, the Desert Sunrise Soap not only looks exactly like what its name depicts, but also smells exquisite (a combination of orange, lime and peppermint). The sweet almond oil in this bar protects you from UV rays.

Soapistry also has bars with fragrances for men that have seemingly come through customer demand. They currently sell two variants, Teakwood Mahogany Soap Bar (with shea butter and sustainable palm oil) and a Davidoff scented Cool Water Soap Bar. To order, DM them on Instagram and expect to receive bars between 4-6 weeks as curing cold processed soaps takes a while.


Soapistry is also great for customising. They put out drool-worthy cupcake bars (with frosting and sprinkles) and are open for customisation orders. For Christmas, Soapistry is making a limited edition Hot Chocolate body butter and Christmas themed soaps like the Holy Night, Christmas Tree and more! Stay tuned to their social media to know more.