Explore Kanha National Park At The Soulacia Resort

Editors posted on 18 April


A luxury eco-resort, smack in the centre of the Kanha National Park, Soulacia Hotel & Resort is a cosy space for family holidays and intimate, romantic trips.

The Accommodation

There are multiple types of accommodation at Soulacia. There is the main hotel block that houses deluxe rooms. There are two bedroom apartments with private kitchens and a private garden, surrounded by teak trees giving it an intimate vibe and ensuring privacy. Finally, there are clusters of independent cottages and luxury tents located around the pool area. If you’re travelling with family, or in a large group, you should definitely get the apartments, but if you have something more romantic in mind, we’d suggest the cottages.

In The House

Soulacia has a host of on-site amenities to keep you entertained between your excursions in the wilderness. There are two dining spots – the Spice Meadow restaurant and Café The Grassroot as well as a swimming pool, jogging and cycling tracks and a fitness centre. If you’re looking to do some learning they also have a Knowledge Hub {complete with a telescope to soak in the beautiful Kanha sky} and a small, but growing, library. There is, of course, also a souvenir shop.

Into The Wild

Kanha National Park is one of our country’s most popular tiger reserves, and that title is well earned. Soulacia offers a bunch of activities to showcase this. There are, as expected, birding walks and nature trails that are pre-organised on request with an in-house naturalist joining you on the trek. There are also pre-organised {again on request} trips to visit the people of the Baiga tribe. These interactions give you a glimpse into their distinctive lifestyle, colourful tattoos and semi-nomadic life.

Last, but certainly not least, are the night safaris in the permitted buffer zones of the park. No trip to a tiger reserve {and especially one as big as Kanha} is complete without one of these night excursions, with the night atmosphere and environment adding an exciting tension to the proceedings.

Where: Village Katia, Post Kisli District Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Price: Starting at INR 10,000 {independent cottage}. Get full rates here.

Contact: +91 7649 277237, +91 8827674333

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