Contemporary, Minimal, Chic: Concrete Essentials To Enhance Your Home's Beauty

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What Makes It Awesome

Move over clay and terracotta! Welcome home the cement trend that is raw yet alluring in its aesthetic thanks to Sozo Design Studio. Showing us that concrete has moved beyond just flooring or sidewalks, this sturdy material is now being turned into fixtures, plant holders and other knick knacks by this Bangalore based brand. Conceptualised by Divya, the brand makes handcrafted decor essentials using concrete for contemporary homes and workplaces. We adore how minimalist yet strikingly impactful Sozo's creations are in design, playing with shape, colour and texture (slick, sheen or coarse). 

The product line features Cafe Tables that we think are the perfect blend between style and functionality (can be customised), Side Tables, and Table Top Planters, a must-have accent piece. These have a natural stone aesthetic and come in different geometric shapes and designs. The cylindrical, almost marble-finish planters are also super versatile in its functionality --use it as a storage box, throw your ladles in them, turn it into a vase and so much more!

Diya also handcrafts eye-soothing concrete coasters, candle holders, magnets, ashtrays, clocks, mini storage boxes, figurines and a bunch of other cool stuff. The best part? They're resistant to spills and scratches (yay!). Most of these products are priced between INR 50 to INR 1500. The humble rates also makes this brand one that will help you when you're looking for gifting options! The furniture range however, is priced between INR 5200 to INR 8900. You can place orders through the Enquire Now button on this recommendation and place your orders online.


Sozo is open to customising products to the choice of colours and finishes and also undertakes bigger orders for cafes or offices looking for architectural elements, tiles, or concrete furniture.