Fish Tail Maxis To Reversible Dresses: Beat The Heat With These Dresses Under INR 3000

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    It’s finally summer! Time to slather on the sunscreen, pull out those sunglasses and soak up the sun. Making sure your summer wardrobe is on point, we at LBB have a few recommendations up our sleeves to ensure you look cool for the summer. With Delhi-based label The Shop, opening a new store in the city a few months ago, we decided to raid their rails in search of the best summer dresses the store has to offer. Made with light and organic cotton fabrics, here’s our list of the best summer dresses at The Shop.

    Anarkali Wrap

    A nice marriage between Indian design sensibilities and Western cuts, the Anarkali Wrap is a hot favourite. Available in a few rich dark hues, like emerald greens and deep blues, the wrap-around dress is basically a flouncy, knee-length Anarkali. We love how it flares out at the bottom and could just twirl in them all day. Price: INR 2,400

    Fish Tail Dress

    If your spirit animal is a mermaid, then this one is definitely for you. A fun and colourful number, we’re loving this maxi for its flattering fish tail silhouette that’ll work well with most body types. A quirky mix of colours and prints, this will match with your equally vibrant personality quite nicely. Price: INR 1,400


    Another wrap-around, this cute little dress has our hearts with the many pleats at its skirt. Looking like a chic tennis dress, it comes in white, black and a dark blue as well. Dress it up with a lovely scarf, also available aplenty at The Shop and you’ve got yourself an #OOTD Price: INR 1,600

    Tinker Dress

    Taking a trip to the beach? Then the easy breezy Tinker Dress is what you should be wearing when you bury your toes in the sand. A short and sweet dress, this is great to wear over your swimsuit, or while you’re chilling in a quaint cafe. Make with an extremely light and soft cotton, these feel like a smooth second skin against your body. These are also available in a few different colours and prints. We can see our selves, Bloody Mary in hand, breezing around the shore. Price: INR 1,400

    Flary {Reversible} Dress

    What’s better than a super cute summer dress? Two super cute summer dresses! And to sweeten the deal further, you can get them both for the price of one. The Flary Dress is a reversible dress that can be worn two ways. Just turn your dress inside out and voila, it’s a brand new garment. With a flowy silhouette and frills at the end, this dress comes in more than one colour combination. Our favourite was the yellow and pink one, but do look around for other combinations that you may like more. Price: INR 1,800
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