Prints & Cotton: 10 Brands That Are Acing Shirts For All Seasons

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Summer, spring, monsoon or winter, picking up clothes that are comfy and stylish is a priority. If you are like us, who love wearing loose cotton shirts all through the year, then we are besties, and this list is for you. We have picked the top brands that do printed shirts - for both women and men. 

Nar Maada: For Women & Men

Nar Maada

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Nar Maada is our current favourite brand for summer shirts for women and men. The brand does cotton shirts with traditional hand-block print patterns such as Ajrakh, Bagh, Batik, Shibori, Dabu, Bagru, and Kalamkari. Sizes go up until XXL and prices for the shirts start at INR 899. Ladies, they have spaghetti tops too. 

Siesta O Clock: For Women & Men

Siesta O'Clock

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This Goan brand has colourful, vibrant summery shirts for both men and women. The shirts are 100 per cent cotton and feature whimsical, cute, Goa-inspired, and nature-inspired prints. They are perfect for a Sunday brunch or casual Friday look for the office. Women's shirts are oversized and men's fit is regular. If you want summer all year round, Siesta O Clock will help!

Prices start at INR 1,399. 

Chhapa: For Men


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The brand's collection of shirts is limited but we still like the ones that are available and something your wardrobe could do with. These hand-block printed shirts come with comical and doodle prints. Shirts are made from cotton with sizes going up to XL and prices start at INR 1,590. 

The Label Life: For Women

The Label Life

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Ladies, this one is especially for you and is quite different from the ones above -- no prints and perfect for the 9 am to 9 pm look. You'll find button-downs and oversized options along with ruffles and balloon sleeves in the shirt section. Size starts at XS and goes all the way to XXL and prices start at INR 1,290. 

The Souled Store: For Women

The popular superhero apparel brand has a range of cotton shirts for men and shirts for women made from rayon and cotton (poplin). These shirts feature pop-culture prints and embellishments as well as prints such as pineapples. There are solid options too for both women and men, and sizes start at XS and go up to XL. Prices start at INR 899. 

Varnam Craft Collective: For Men

The collection of shirts from Varnam is exclusively for men. They feature traditional Indian prints such as Ikkat and as well as other hand-block prints featuring floral, geometric, and nature-inspired motifs (such as raindrops). The shirts are available in half-sleeve and full-sleeve options with sizes starting at 38 and going all the way to 44. Prices start at INR 1,250. 

Fancy Pastels: For Women & Men

Fancy Pastels

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The homegrown brand has colourful printed shirts for women and men (the men's collection is more than the women's). Women can pick up shirts with puffed-up sleeves, made from muslin, and ones with V-necks. For men, you get shirts in pastel shades with contrasting prints. Prices start at an easy INR 2,050. 

FabIndia: For Men


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FabIndia's collection of men's bush shirts features mostly unique as well as Indian hand block prints. These cotton shirts are loose-fitting and comfy. You'll love that these shirts are both perfect for Friday casuals as well as poolside brunch with the gang. Check out the options that feature stripes and solids. Prices start at INR 1,190.  

Nicobar: For Women & Men


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Nicobar's collection of shirts for women is quite in trend with the season and you'll find hues of pink, yellow, and white. There are lots of floral prints as well. These cotton shirts for women feature everything from uneven hem styles as well as side plackets. The collection isn't extensive like the men's. For men's shirts, you'll find similar hues to that of women but also shirts feature prints and patchwork. Sizes for women's shirts are available in free size as well as up to 3XL. Men's sizes are between S and 3XL. Prices start at INR 2,750. 


OUI Fashion

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Meaning “Yes” in French, is exactly what we're saying to their range of summery, fresh, printed shirts. They're nailing it with vibrant colours and prints, youthful and trending styles, and relatively reasonable prices. For shirts, they have a quite a sizeable collection with everything from stripes, to floral, most of the shirts are made of polyester which makes it a good fabric for monsoon since it's easy-drying and wrinkle-free too. The sizes start at XS and go up to 2XL, with prices starting at INR 699.