Drape Century-old Handlooms & Look Modern: This Brand's Sarees Make It Happen!

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Svaha By Alo

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What Makes It Awesome

Cilché as it may be, an Indian woman is an epitome of grace and elegance only in a saree. Before you knock down that thought, take a look at Svaha By Alo, a brand that is proving you can be all that and more plus look modern draped in century-old handlooms! Who do you have to thank? Self-proclaimed 'Handloom Devotee', Alolika Mitra, of course. Her love for handloom sarees pushed her to work with artisans from across the country, source and dig out quality handlooms and model for it too - all so that we can see what Svaha has to offer and can do for people like you and I. Now isn't that a win-win-win?!

Aside from being handwoven, absolutely unique and super lightweight - Svaha by Alo is also known for their rare finds. We weren't kidding when we said the brand spans the length and breadth of the country to bring us gold in handloom sarees. On their collection you will find Patteda Anchu weaves or traditional Ilkal sarees, pure Ghicha Tussar in heavenly shades, Begumpuri hand weaves, Jamdani sarees and more. Judging by the names and craft, you already know these handlooms boast centuries worth of history (if not, read up!). You can also request Svaha if they can locate a weave you are specifically looking for. 

How does Svaha make something so desi and traditional, modern? By the colours, of course. Think gorgeous pastels - pinks, lilacs, blues, mint greens, we've spotted monochromatic sarees too. They all look chic and just so everyday wearable.


Svaha also goes that extra step to ensure the quality of the fabric is top notch -- only with silkmark certificate for the most luxurious silks or handloom cotton certificate for the softest, fine cotton sarees. As you can tell, we cannot praise this brand enough. To experience what we say, head to LBB Shop and make a purchase right now. Prices start at INR 1,800.