Choco Pastries, Sandwiches And Loads Of Nostalgia At This Old-School Cafe

Sweet Chariot

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Old-school and pretty iconic, there’s many reasons to go back to Sweet Chariot. And even if the service isn’t one of them, nostalgia is high.

What Is It?

If you’re around from the 80s, then one {or all} of your birthday cakes would have been from here. Remember those Mickey Mouse ones? Yup, Sweet Chariot. A bakery and café chain that started all the way in 1981, these guys originally wooed Bangalore with their Hot Chocolate sundae, jam biscuits, party cakes and puff – all doled out from their tiny, sub-street level store on Brigade Road. But hey ho, as they grew, so did their spaces and we got treated to a kitchen and continental food from it. From sandwiches and cutlets to full-on roast chicken and lasagnes, Sweet Chariot was and is still a place for comfort food. Especially if you’re trying to relive college day catch-ups!

Who Is It For?

It’s great for those who want to have old-school sandwiches, cold coffee and pastries. And while it’s not really cheap, it’s not exorbitant so works if you’re nearly broke.

What Is The Ambience?

Most of the outlets are decked out in orange, green and white with the dessert bays taking up most of the space. Don’t expect much of an ambience but be prepared for gaggles of college kids, loud music and some sports of television to keep you amused.

Must Eat

Roast chicken, chicken stroganoff, sandwiches and lasagnes are hot-sellers and you’ll do well to stick to those. Plus, chocolate tart, rich chocolate pastry and walnut brownie sundae to end on a sweet note.

How Was My Experience?

While the service has slowed, and the place has become a bit run down, there’s nothing like a quick coffee date at Sweet Chariot. Since the food is still rather good and tasty, albeit a bit Indianised, it makes for an easy choice in a world of fancy restaurants and gourmet offerings. Sometimes, simple is best, no?

Sweet Chariot

Available Online