Train Rides Through The Sea, Exploring Ghost Towns: What To Do In Rameswaram Apart From Temple Hopping



Known as a holy site generally, Rameswaram has plenty more on offer for the intrepid traveller. You can spend a weekend here exploring its breathtaking beaches, ghost towns, and chugging through the deep, blue sea.

Ride The Waves

While train rides from Bangalore to Rameswaram can be pretty long {13 hours plus}, we recommend that you book your berth for two reasons. One, you’ll chug along the historic Pamban Bridge {Rameswaram is located on Pamban Island that’s just off the tip of the Indian peninsula}. Pamban Bridge is not just India’s first sea bridge but is also over 100 years old. Second, the bridge is at a lower level than the road bridge that runs parallel to it. So, you feel like you are gliding on the water. The glimpses of the sea, of course, are the best part. If you are travelling through the bridge at night, the shimmering, black waters make for a haunting sight. Another great time to travel through is during a sunset.

Of course, the easier way to get there is through road. The journey will take you around ten hours and you can zip past the sea link road. If there’s isn’t too much traffic, you can even stop by the roadside for a few pictures.

A Lost Town

The highlight of your trip will, hands down, be your trip to the ghost town of Dhanushkodi. Abandoned after a cyclone ravaged the town in 1964, what’s left of Dhanushkodi are a handful of ruins that are worth checking out. From Rameswaram, you can hop onto one the colourful tempos that take you to and fro. There are also jeeps that will take you there.

The ride will first take you to Arichal Munai or Erosion Point where you can soak your feet in the ravishing blue waters. This is a Land’s End point and you can view Adam’s Bridge {or Ram Setu} from here. This is From there, you can walk into the main town where you can check out what remains of a church, a water tank, and a railway track in shambles.

Colour Me Beach

Of course, Rameswaram is not a place to frolic around in your best {or skimpiest} swimwear. But the place has breathtaking beaches that you can feast your eyes on. There are very few other places around India where you will encounter waters that come in so many gorgeous shades — from deep blue to turquoise and mellow cyan. The Ariyaman, Olaikkuda, Kunthukal and the Dhanushkodi beach are both worth stopping by for this reasons. Don’t forget to take your camera along.

Kayaking In The Bay

Want to do more than just stare into unending waters? Hop onto a kayak and paddle away! Swing by the village of Kathadi where you can sign up for sea kayaking and paddle boarding. While local operators offer these, you can even book an experience with Bangalore-based Thrillophilia that includes snorkelling.