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Iconic Inspiration: Top Influencers You Should Follow For Hair, Skin & Beauty!


    There was a time when we would turn to our mothers and grandmothers for the best insider beauty, skin and hair care tips. These are still the most dependable secrets of the trade, no doubt! But with newer products hitting the market, we're always looking for honest, tried and tested results that we can see for ourselves. So, here's our list of top influencers you should begin following for everything beauty, make up, skin and hair.

    Huda Beauty

    Huda Beauty

    Available Online

    One of the biggest names in the beauty industry, Huda of Huda Beauty honestly, needs no introduction. She has a huge following on Instagram/ YouTube and a cosmetics line of her own. Aside from her on point makeup tutorials, we love her skin and hair care routines (some that she shoots with her daughter too!) and the fact that she always reposts or shares videos from her followers. This way we know her tricks and tips are being put to use and dish out those results we're looking for!

    Camelia Katoozian

    Camelia Katoozian is a hair goddess! Her long, beautiful mane was what first caught our attention but then we were soon obsessed with her playful tutorials on hair care. Get onto her IG and you will find how-tos on hair masks (all natural ftw!), trimming or chopping hair at home, how to style your hair and occasional but loved makeup and skincare tips too!

    Jovita George

    Jovita is all about sifting away the chaff from the grains when it comes to Indian beauty and skin care. We love her brazen reviews on makeup for brown skin and how we need more of it! Her skincare routine (up on her Instagram stories and YouTube channel) are so good and so detailed. She will link the brands, tell you a whole lot about why you should invest in them and show you results of it on her glowy skin! She also has fine, straight hair, if you do too check out her styling and hair care videos.

    Chemist Confessions

    Gloria and Victoria of Chemist Confessions are the peeps to follow to understand the science behind skincare. They also make their own amazing products. We love the duo because they do advert-free product reviews on their YouTube channel that breakdown the ingredient list immaculately well! There's no flowery language or hard to digest monologues, just fun content on finding you the right skincare.

    Sherya Jain

    For some wicked makeup tutorials follow Shreya Jain, a hugely popular Indian YouTuber. She puts out videos on makeup, of course and DIY fashion hacks too. Her videos are engaging and you will almost instantly be drawn to her makeup removal and night-time skincare routines. They're the bomb!

    Gel Cream

    Gel Cream's Instagram and Website is a great space to get your lowdown on skincare because they don't just simply ingredients but also review the entire product texture, packaging, pricing and effects in a to the point, down-to-earth way. There's much to learn from here but we think Gel Cream's take on minimalism when it comes to skincare (the fact that you don't need a buttload of products and EXPENSIVE ones at that) is what we need in life! Aside from products Gel Cream also reviews brands, to see what the brand stands for - what are the values and goals of the company.

    Anubha Charan

    Anubha Charan is a lesser-known beauty blogger and we love finding these gems for you! Her mantra is clean beauty, conscious travel and sustainable living; reason why we look up to her for anything beauty and skin, from lipsticks to perfumes and face masks. She takes time to review the product for you (look up her captions on Instagram or website) and tells exactly why it works or why it doesn't. Expect honesty and products that will work well on Indian hair and skin. 

    Stephen Alain Ko

    Unafraid to call out false claims and dodgy scientific reports when it comes to skincare Stephen of Kind Of Stephen is chemist and formulator. His knowledge and awareness on cosmetic science is so perfect that you will often find him taking on mega-brands and research journals with frightening directness and tongue-in-cheek humour. Following him helps you understand that not everything that shines is really gold. Check out his Instagram or Website today!

    Deepica Mutyala

    Deepica's beauty standards are super relatable which is why we connect with it too! Her blog and Instagram are great for beginners who are looking for quick everyday makeup videos. You will find hacks on how to apply liquid liner seamlessly or red lipstick to conceal under eye circles (who knew!). Check her out less for product reviews and more for handy tutorial type videos and innovations.

    Robin James

    Men, we haven't left you out and your specifically men grooming needs be it skin or haircare. Find Robin James on YouTube or Instagram (manforhimself) and you will have access to men's products that he tries on himself and reviews in detail. His pieces are always worth a read and his videos similarly, well-shot to the dot, with great content and are concise enough to retain attention.