Trevor Noah Is FINALLY Coming To Two Cities In India, And We’re Super Thrilled

What Makes It Awesome

If you don’t know who Trevor Noah is, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. But that happens, so don’t worry. Just make sure you go check out his videos on YouTube, and then get back to reading this. Hugely in-demand talk show host, comedian and writer, Trevor Noah is now best known as the host of The Daily Show, the American satirical news program. If you look beyond his alluring dimpled face, you’ll find his wit and intelligence equally alluring. So you can only imagine the excitement that he’s added two Indian cities to his list of destinations on this Loud & Clear Tour. Going by the fact that he sold out at Madison Square Garden, we suggest you register for tickets, and then hopefully you’ll be happily watching him, and laughing away at his all-too-real humour and anecdotes in Mumbai and New Delhi, in April. Yes, it’s a while away, but we're already smack in the middle of a whole new year, and hey it is TREVOR NOAH! Apart from plenty of political satire, and current times comedic commentary, we truly hope he talks about his time in Soweto and about his fabulous Gogo, his grandmother. 

Meanwhile, go read his book titles Born A Crime, it’s worth your time!