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    Want Custom Engineered Suits? Call Un-Cuffed Pronto

    Aakanksha posted on 08 April


    Lounge, Mandarin, Business, Double-Breasted or Single – this venture might just suit you very well.

    Gentlemen Only

    No, we’re not talking about Iron Man or Batman suits; this is the real deal which makes James Bond, Barney Stintson and Don Draper and breaks everyone who doesn’t wear one! And since everyone is on the customised bandwagon these days, there’s no reason you shouldn’t either! Therefore soon-to-be dapper lads, simply give a call to the folks over at Un-Cuffed for your made-to-measure outfit. Oh! Hang on, they’re not just customised, they are ‘Custom Engineered Suits’. Take that Mr Armani!

    Suit Up

    All you need to do is give them a shout out on their Facebook page here, then before you can say ‘bow-tie’, they’ll call you to get your exact requirement and fix up an appointment. The best part? You don’t need to go anywhere, they’ll come to you. When they do, they’ll arrive armed with samples of fabric, a bevy of styles depending on what you need the suit for, and of course their expertise on design and fashion. From the lapel and cuffs, to the pockets and sleeve length, they’ll almost go into NASA-style details but you can really tell that they know their stuff. In fact, they’ll quickly pick up on your personality so colour and cut will really be a reflection of yourself. And then, after a quick assessment and measurement, just leave it to the pros.

    Get A Cut

    They’ve tied up with vendors and master tailors across town, tapping into their talents too. If there’s a Master who is ace at the classic suit, then rest assured they’ll get him to do yours. More the Tux guy? Fear not, only the best will make yours. Just before delivering the final product, there will be a trial to perfect the fit; apparently founders Ehtasham, Arjun, Deepthi and Saagarika have been known to get changes as minute as a millimetre or two done so you get the most flawless suit. They’ll even give you tips on how to style with the right kind of ties, shoes, socks and accessories, if you dare.

    If you don’t believe us, then have a look at their photographs – no models, only customers wearing suits the company has tailored for them. Who knows, you might just be in their next campaign!

    Check them out online here.

    Contact: +91 9886157065 or +91 9886632453

    Price: INR 12,000 upwards

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