We Are Not Going To Say Anything Except That There's Unlimited Biryani At Paradise For INR 349

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Unlimited Biryani — Two words, 16 letters, say it over and over again, for that’s going to be the mantra for this week. Thank you, Paradise for listening to our prayers.

Unlimited Love

There are two words that we love in this world and they are ‘unlimited’ and ‘biryani’. Anytime someone utters either of these words, our knees go weak. But combine those two words and you will have us crying in ecstasy. Well, what do you know? It’s happening and we are doing our best to hold back tears while telling you about Paradise’s offer of unlimited biryani for just INR 349. Yes, guys, unlimited biryani for just INR 349. The unlimited biryani comes with a dessert and a beverage.

The unlimited offer is available only at selected Paradise outlets across Bangalore and these outlets are Indiranagar, JP Nagar, and Whitefield. The offer is valid from 11 am to 11 pm from Monday to Thursday. You know what that means, right? You can have a late breakfast biryani, then move to lunch biryani, then 4 pm biryani, and the dinner biryani. Basically, biryani all day. Thank us later or call us over.