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This Garden City Store's Bonsai Creations Promise To Make Your Home Pinterest Worthy

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you are looking for indoor decor or something unique for gifting, Upvan’s bonsai creations come in many styles and sizes to choose from. Think intricately branched out creations such as hokidachi or chokkan with its formal, upright style of the tree or the ones with multiple tree trunks like kabudachi. You can easily score yourself a bonsai because prices for a basic bonsai start at INR 600 and goes up to INR 20,000 at Upvan.

The boutique also will teach buyers how to take care of your precious bonsai, be it shaping, styling, wiring and more. It also holds workshops if you’re really into learning about bonsai in detail, where you can get theoretical and practical knowledge on it. It is just like any other plant so you don’t need to fuss about learning anything special to take care of it- but as long as you treat it with love, it’ll be fine. The store also sells terrariums which they can also customise for you based on its shape, size and detail. So go ahead and get yourself a tad closer to nature than you’re now and turn your home into a happy, green dream!

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