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Goobe Lamps To Piggy Coasters: 8 Things To Get From The New Varnam Store For Home

Suzanna posted on 27 March

When we heard that Varnam was opening a new store in town, we made our way to Jayanagar’s 4th Block to check it out. Set in a charming old house with red-oxide floors and grilled windows, the store is just as lovely as we’d hoped. With plenty of Channapatna goodies on offer, from toys to kitchen essentials, and a room dedicated to their line of clothing from shirts to sarees, Varnam 2.0 has oodles of charm, just like their Indiranagar outlet. With a larger inventory, what we’re loving most about the new store is the quirky home accents and decor elements on offer. Here are eight of our favourite home decor finds at Varnam.

Goobe Night Lamps

A hot favourite with its patrons, the Goobe Night Lamp is modelled after a friendly owl with big orange eyes and a pointy little beak. Mini bulbs in the body of the owl serve up soft lighting that should make for a cute and cosy night lamp on your bed stand. It comes in a couple of colours too.

Price: INR 1,750

Door Knobs And Wall Hooks

Say goodbye to the boring metal doorknobs and plastic hooks in your home by swapping them for the charming wooden ones available at Varnam. With little animal motifs on them, from giraffes to mice, and of course, the goobe, these come in fun oranges, reds, greens and yellows. Plus they’ve got the more 3-D versions, with little birdies, bulls and piggy wall hooks too, perfect for the kiddo’s room.

Price: INR 900 onwards

The Oinkston Four-Coaster Set

You’ll love this charming little set of coasters that make up a little wooden piggy’s body. Pull the piggy apart to take out four different coloured coasters for your dining table. As soon as you’re done, put the piggy back together, which makes for a nice decor piece by itself. There’s an owl-inspired coaster set too.

Price: INR 1,150

Kuruvi Photoframes

Put all of your captured memories into these colourful little frames, that come with a little birdie perched right at the top. Available in red and green hues, these will add a nice pop of colour to your desk or wall shelves.

Price: INR 650

Drop Pendant Lamps

Perhaps our favourite lighting element at the new store, the drop pendant ceiling lamps are simply lovely. With plenty of colour in the mix, and little birds hanging along with the lights, these are quite the conversation-starter. In fact, these lights are also given a place of prominence at the new store, as they hang above a cheerful cart full of wooden board games that you can spot as soon as you make your way into the store.

Price: INR 1,950 onwards

Animal Inspired Fridge Magnets

From little goobes {the goobe theme is strong here} to birdies and piggies, your refrigerator is going to love these. Just like you’ve got magnets from all the places you’ve been to, make sure good old Karnataka is aptly represented on your fridge’s door, with these cute and colourful Channapatna magnets.

Price: INR 550 for a set of three.

Quirky Paper And Photostands

From crows to donkeys, let these wooden animal stands will hold your photographs or bills and spruce up your desk at the same time. These toy animals come with a metal wire and clip that’s keep your notes and photos in place and look cute while doing it. Our favourite is probably the Ramu model, which is the only non-animal option in this range.

Price: INR 650

Patterned Lamps With Wooden Bases

Yet another lighting entry on our list, the cool patterned lamps are also worth checking out. With a cheerful wooden base, that’ll hold your bulb, play with the different lamp shades they have on offer here. From animal prints to a colourful spiral pattern, there a many fun options to pick from.

Price: INR 1,950 onwards for the base

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