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Not Just Your Regular Stuff, The Belgian Waffle Factory Can Whip Up A Crazy Waffle Cake Too

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Belgian Waffle Factory can whip up a multi-layered, mega waffle cake for you. You can DIY your own waffle bases, layers and toppings!

Waffle It Up

We love ourselves some Belgian waffles. The more the merrier actually. But when Belgian Waffle Factory on Residency Road whips your favourite waffles in the form of a cake, then who are we to say no. Choose from a waffle base — original, red velvet, chocolate, half and half, or pineapple, and then these guys will pile them up in three layers {that’s the minimum, you can pick up to seven layers!}. You can get each layered sandwiched with loads of whipped cream, chocolate, Nutella, honey, peanut butter and the works. Top off your waffle cake with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, choco chip, Oreo, icing sugar, dark chocolate, and more. Phew! Once your cake is ready, just dig in with pals, because what’s a cake without sharing and celebration right?

A three-layer waffle cake with toppings costs about INR 750 while four-layer costs about INR 950.