Online Stores To Hit Up For Your Stock Of Tea

Be it in the cool mornings or the breezy evenings (with a drizzle outside), monsoon just takes our love for tea up a notch. After all, what could be better than curling up on your favourite, cosy chair with a book and a cup of hot tea, on a rainy day? With the number of online tea stores you get to pick from, you don’t need to worry about running out of your stock either. Plus, plenty of options — from regular black tea to fruity or herbal ones, to try out! So, stock up and get brewing with our pick of online stores to order tea from.

Tea Trunk

Started by tea sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda out of her passion for the brew, Tea Trunk’s selection includes everything from black and green to white and oolong. Known to be a tea for emperors, their Saffron Kahwa Green Tea is what you can stock up on here. Whether it’s the Lavender White Tea (perfect for unwinding) or the Chilli Chai Black Tea to kickstart your morning, they have a tea to suit your mood. Keep an eye out for their collection of gift hampers.


Bored of the same old tea and hoping to revamp your morning cuppa? Browse through Teabox’s selection, and you’re bound to find something exciting enough to add to your daily routine. If the hearty Anglo-Indian blend, Earl Grey Chai doesn’t quite appeal to you, there’s the English Breakfast Tea and the Cinnamon Pop (described as “Christmas in a cup”). True blue tea lovers, pick their Darjeeling Classic Spring Chinary Black (with prime flush Darjeeling teas) or the Goomtee Special Spring Darjeeling Black. They even have subscription boxes and plenty of accessories, from cups and teapots to electric kettles.


Touted to be the country’s first online tea store, Infinitea is known for their Darjeeling teas, brought in from their own estates, in fact. While the well-balanced Vintage Black Tea (manufactured during the second flush) makes for a great choice, you can even take your tea-drinking ritual up a notch with their boutique teas from around the world, that includes Egyptian Peppermint and Dan Gui Bai He, a Chinese specialty.  Of course, they also stock black, green, oolong and herbal teas.


Whether it is single-estate teas, signature blends or organic options that you’re looking for, Vahdam will have you sorted. While regulars vouch for their Darjeeling teas, the Rose Herbal Green Tea and India’s Original Masala Chai Tea are among the bestsellers, we hear. Exquisite tea sets and sampler packs are also on offer. We love their subscription service which picks out five surprise teas for you, every month.

Chai Safari

Offering over 23 kinds of teas, Chai Safari brings fresh leaves from the estates in Darjeeling and Assam. The best part? They let you shop according to your mood — fresh, romantic, excited, relaxed and even mysterious! Or preferred attributes like taste, aroma and strength. While they do have options like Spiced Tulsi Black, Lemon Mint Green and Classic Masala Chai (for the chai lovers among you), we also spotted ones like Strawberry Blast Iced Tea.  


Don’t have time to go through the choices on different websites to fill up your stock of tea? Head to QTrove aka Curated Trove, an online platform which brings together products from handpicked vendors. Check out their Tea Time section to choose from some of the popular brews offered by Teaneer, Tea Brew and Tea Trunk, all in once place.

Jugmug Thela

Jugmug Thela started off as an artisan chai and coffee vendor and, over the years, has become an online store for a curated selection of quality teas {among other products}, all sourced directly from estates. Their Chamomile and Vanilla Fine Darjeeling Full Leaf Tea and the Langlai High Elevation Assam Orthodox Tea are brews that can bowl you over right on the first sip.


Fabindia’s choice of organic teas include black, green and herbal teas along with premium ones like Darjeeling Premium Blossom Tea and Lemon Green Premium Tea. But, what you must add to your cart here is their rich and strong-flavoured Makaibari Darjeeling Black Tea (from Makaibari, one of the most iconic tea estates in Darjeeling). Refreshing tulsi teas and fruity options are also available at their online store.

Goodwyn Tea

Assam teas have your heart? Then check out Goodwyn teas that grow and produce their teas on a 60,00-acre tea estate in Assam. They have a wide range to choose from, over 50 unique blends. We recommend their Oolong Rose Teas, their bestseller, smooth inside-out Saintly White Tea and the classic Masala Chai. This brand also undertakes corporate tea gifting, curating blends that will help deal with stress!