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Jamun, Grape And Betel Nut: This Local Wine Service Bottles Up Unique Flavours From Coorg


    No need to glug the same old wine from the same old bottle! The Wine Cravers, a local service, serves up out of the box wines sourced from picturesque Coorg.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Love the homemade wines from Coorg? Well, you no longer have to swing by the hill station for a bottle or two of your favourite wines. The Wine Cravers, a Bangalore-based outfit, now delivers bottles of their wine to your doorstep. 

    Of course, you’ll need a while to soak in and choose from their seemingly endless list of flavours. They do the regular grape version but there’s also jamun, fig, betel nut, guava, pineapple and gooseberry concoctions too. Ragi, kiwi,  bird eye chilli and sugar cane have been converted into wine too! They say that they do not add yeast which makes the wine non-alcoholic. But we had a few swigs just the other day and we must say the wine does have a mellow kick to it. Prices start at about INR 980 a bottle.


    The Wine Cravers regularly put up their stalls in malls and pop-ups. So if you want to taste the wine before putting your money down, follow them on Facebook for regular updates on their whereabouts.