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Calm The Epidermis With This Brand's Naturally Soothing Face Pack

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Calamine and Bentonite Clay Pack For Acne-Prone Skin (80 g)

Calamine and Bentonite Clay Pack For Acne-Prone Skin (80 g)


What Makes It Awesome

Used this Face Pack a couple of times. My last experience with a Facepack made my skin break out really badly, so I was a little careful about this. The ingredients are all natural and include stuff like tea tree oil, aloe vera, tulsi, neem, fullers earth (multani mitti), Bentonite clay and Calamine among other things. Wldflwr Ntrls is keeping it natural indeed, and trimming all the chemicals like they are vowels.
It felt cool and tingly on my skin and I kept it on for 20 minutes give or take. While I wish there was some sort of instruction (how long to keep it on, storage, or disclaimer on how it feels while on your face), especially for people like me who don't actually use any of these products regularly, there was no averse skin reaction by my skin.
My skin feels soft, and some of my older marks did lighten. Too much can be drying based on the ingredients, so do moisturise once toy dry your face. I love that it can be lightly exfoliating as well!

What Could Be Better

Wish there were some basic instructions for skincare noobs, especially considering how drying face packs can be if used incorrectly.