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    Snacking High Energy Style from Yoga Bar

    Editors posted on 07 October


    Yoga Bars pack in quite the nutrition-loaded punch with ingredients such as whole nuts, fruits and whole grains, striking the right balance of taste, quality and price.

    Charging ahead

    Inspired by the need for nutritious and tasty foods to satisfy those mid-day hunger pangs, sisters and city-based entrepreneurs Anindita and Suhasini came up with the idea of Yogabars. Made with wholesome ingredients and filled with nourishing goodness {so they say!}, these snack bars could be ideal for those times when the hunger monster rises and shines and craves all things sweet or junk. Being rich in macro nutrients such as healthy fats and proteins as well as vitamins and minerals, these Yogabars promise to keep you energized through your busy schedule.

    Nutritive factor

    Sticking to wholesome ingredients, Yoga Bars are made using minimal sugar. In fact, they substitute honey for sugar and opt for completely natural flavours with no preservatives or artificial flavours. So, what exactly goes into this yummy snack bar? The not-so-secret ingredients include almonds, oats, sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, dates, whole grains, dried fruits and superfoods such as wheatgrass and cacao, all nicely blended to give a nutrient-loaded 140-170 Kcals in a single bar.

    Taste test

    We tried  four of the Yoga Bars – Vanilla Almond Crunch, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk Nut and Cashew Orange – and lived to tell the tale. The Cashew Orange was an instant favourite because of its zesty, citrusy flavours while the Chocolate Chunk delivered what it promised. A rich taste of chocolatey goodness. The Peanut Butter version also made it to our list of favourites because of it sticking to the flavour it promised on the packaging while the Vanilla Almond Crunch was a pretty standard affair with nothing really spectacular to write home about. The Nuts and Seeds, The Cardamom and Coconut and Chocolate Brownie are on our lists next.

    So we’re thinking….

    Not too sugary but flavourful enough to make it as a healthy, nutritious snack and easy enough to carry in your bag, Yoga Bars get a thumbs up from us for not skimping on taste in order to champion the cause of good health.

    Where: Available at all Godrej Nature’s Baskets. Find a Godrej Nature’s Basket near you here.

    Price: INR 30 for a bar

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