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YumTum Salads To The Rescue On Days When You Don't Feel Like Piling On The Junk



    A salad delivery service that works on a weekly subscription basis, Yum Tum does vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. But we wish they did protein other than chicken.

    Salad Days

    We signed up for a five-day weekly subscription that included three non vegetarian and two vegetarian salads. The delivery was timely and the salads arrived every day just in time for us to have a little chaser to our lunch. Day one was Chicken Me Out, grilled chicken, corn, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions, and lots of lettuce, all to be dressed up in a nice  sweet and sour dressing. We did feel semi-full after this salad, but did need a sandwich to complete the meal.

    The Vegetarian Take

    Day two’s Appy Walnut was a crunchy, tasty salad with slices of green apple, walnut, olives, tomatoes and lettuce with little bobs of Feta. We would have loved for the salad to have come loaded with a bit more cheese {ok, ok we know this is supposed to be a healthy meal!}. The Moscow Mix was a fun take on the traditional potato salad, but minus the heavy-duty mayo, and the added sweetness of pineapples {nice touch!}.

    Full On

    But our favourite salad would have to be the Nutty Brown, a brown rice salad with nuts, bell peppers, grilled chicken and an Asian dressing. This was a really delicious, filling salad and reminded us of jhal moori, we don’t know why. The quinoa salad packed with veggies, peanuts, and a sweet sour dressing was an interesting take and was quite filling too.

    So, We're Thinking...

    While the veggie salads, except for the quinoa one didn’t really fill us up , and we had to order a snack or a sandwich at lunchtime, the salads with poultry and heathy carbs definitely sent out signals to our brain that we were full. We just wish, that Yum Tum experimented with seafood too; we seem to remember having ordered an excellent prawn salad from them last year. We would look forward to other vegetarian options too such as tofu and good ol’ paneer. The five day plan was not expensive on the pocket either.

    Price: INR 750 for a five day subscription plan. Includes Two non vegetarian and three vegetarian salads.