Ladies! Your Chance to Unite for a Great Cause: Fashion


Zapyle, launched by Rashni Menda, is a fashion portal that lets women across India share their style sense, and swap luxury apparel.

Style swap

Who says only rugby players can pass? Women are simply brilliant at it too. We pass on style tips. We pass on sale information, and thanks to Zapyle, we can even share our pre-owned {or pre-loved} apparel now. Functioning a bit like Instagram but solely for clothing and accessories, all you need to do is shoot a quick photo of what you don’t wear anymore. Be it high-luxury dresses or a pair of shoes you hurriedly bought but now don’t fit into, the idea is that some other fashionista will want to adopt it.

Share the love

We love that the website also has a Featured Closet, which opens up the wardrobe of India’s top 100 fashion influencers and you can pick from their list. Of course, anyone is allowed to be part of it so be it trendy, boho, classic or even Lady Gage style OTT stuff, Zapyle lets you experiment. And what better way to experiment than get merchandise at anything between 30 to 70 per cent discounts! You can find apparel and accessories going from high-street brands like Zara and Forever New to the more luxe designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino at this virtual boutique. We’re currently eyeing a stunning yellow tote bag and a few of Mumbai designer Mahi Shell’s maxi dresses. Oh and the best part is, the app understands the fact that a woman needs time to fall in love with whatever she’s buying. So there’s a five-day period given to decide whether you want to keep the item you’ve bought to guarantee complete satisfaction.

Check out the website here.

Download the Android app here and the iOS one here.