5 Must Order Meats From Lion Fresh, For DIY Dishes

If you suffer from a serious, carnivorous-desire {like us} and salivate at the slightest mention of meat, we have welcome news for you. The {carnivorous} crew at Lion Fresh and LBB came together for a BBQ like no other, which taught us two things: A. Veganism is probably not for a few of us and B. Lion fresh makes cooking at home for a meat-eater easy AF.

Essentially serving raw and ready-to-eat, import-quality meat to Delhi and Gurgaon, Lion Fresh delivers fresh meat and seafood to your doorstep. It’s prepared using the Sous-Vide technique {French for ‘under vacuum’}, which is a slow-cooking method where food is vacuum-sealed in a packet and put in temperature-controlled water for 6-8 hours, enhancing the texture and bringing out the flavour of the meats.

The LBB crew tried more than a couple of dishes made using Lion Fresh’s meats at a BBQ session; and here’s what makes the cut to our Little Black Book. Do try this at home.

English Breakfast Done Right

What To Order: Ready-to-eat British style bacon and authentic pork ‘Kransky’ sausage. Order now.

We kick started our BBQ session by gorging on classic English-breakfast dishes. Our plate was riddled with contrasting flavours; the sweet beans served with salty British style bacon along with toast, Pork Kransky sausage and a portion of scrambled eggs augured a tasty afternoon.

#LBBTip: Heat some olive oil and throw in some British-style bacon for best results.

Barbecued Ribs, Home-Style

What To Order: Lean and tender- pork baby back ribs. Order now.

How to devour: Glazed with barbecue sauce and olive oil, the next dish we got handsy with was pork ribs. Prepared Sous-Vide style, the pork baby back ribs dish can easily be replicated at home {bye-bye fancy restaurants}. Simply pre-heat the oven, lace the ribs with barbecue sauce, olive oil and some garlic, place in the oven for eight minutes and await the oncoming apocalypse in your mouth.

DIY Pulled Pork Burgers

What To Order: American style pulled pork. Order now.

How to devour: Pork-heavy as our afternoon was, the next preparation was a simple pulled pork burger. Served with a single leaf of lettuce, these burgers can  be prepared in less than five minutes. Just heat some olive oil, sauté the pulled pork, place it on a bun and serve on-the-go.

#LBBTip: Avoid ketchup; serve with coriander chutney.

Wrap That Party Up!

What To Order: Rindless {skinless} pork belly. Order now.

How to devour: At this point, we were done with food, but the food was clearly not done with us. Luckily, the oncoming dish was a pork belly wrap {the wrap was surprisingly light; unlike the pork}. Simply, prep some olive oil, unload some sliced-pork belly, fry for three minutes, wrap it inside a wrap {of course} and what you have is a quick yet delicious meal.

#LBBTip: Mix it up with mayo or mustard sauce.

Our Kinda Rack

What To Order: Cap off{top fat coverage removed} lamb rack. Order now.

The last {thankfully} salver carried a full, nine-bone lamb rack, which was searing as well as inviting. Cooked to rare for 45 minutes in an oven and grilled for just over three minutes, this blend of olive oil, rosemary and crushed garlic is a simple yet effective dish to put together. If you are looking to invite and impress some guests this weekend with your cooking, do consider the lamb rack.

#LBBTip: Keep the bib on, for the juices leak.

This story is in partnership with Lion Fresh.