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Cafes, Libraries, Stores: Read For Free At These 5 Places In Gurgaon


    If you’re tired of staring at screens and want to feel that tangible crunch of old, musty books in your hands, then you can head to these libraries and cafes. Though you can access the materials available whilst spending a peaceful day amongst brown and creased hard-bound companions, it is advised you get memberships at the libraries to take them home with you.

    Another Fine Day

    This cafe is the perfect place to grab a good book, a healthy sandwich, curl up and block out the rest of the world. You can take your own book, or browse their shelf. Soothing music and courteous staff make it the ideal spot for reading – even if it is for a few short hours.


    With a wide variety of books spanning various genres and subjects, Bookpal is on online and offline library that wants you to entertain and educate yourself. It allows you to go to library, browse at your leisure. They have a few tables, and you can ask for a mat if you want to curl up amongst the shelves and read peacefully.

    Cafe Wanderlust

    Cafe Wanderlust has a homely vibe, with its collection of books, their hammocks and delicious food, you could spend a day of solitude and reading. You could also take your own book and read in an environment with soothing music and a courteous staff for some mental rejuvenation.

    Sahitya Kendra

    This library is huge and well-stocked. If you want to spend a quiet day amongst books, this is your haven. From books required for academic research to popular novels{and the forgotten gems in between}, this library will probably be hiding something interesting and not mainstream. Sitting in Sahitya Kendra will probably seduce you into reading some Prem Chand or lovely Urdu poetry.

    Tuck yourself away amongst old wooden shelves with their creaky charm and worn-out comfort.

    Sakley's, The Mountain Cafe

    If you want to go for something you probably won’t find at a library, you can check out Sakley’s small collection of travel material. Trying to emulate the calm and charm of mountain cafes, Sakley’s wants to bring your vacation closer to home. The warm lighting, a good book and a cup of hot tea will transport you the the zen of being underneath the vast, unhindered, star-studded mountain sky.